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The History of the Sandwich: The Meal That Changed Lunch Forever

July 7, 2021

The sandwich. Few other inventions can claim to have had such a transformative effect on the world as this simple meal. It’s been credited with saving our pastries, championing convenience food, and giving us that most useful of office lunch-break tools: the brown bag. So, where did it come from? The answer is surprisingly complicated, […]

Homemade Bakery and Cafe in Gainesville, GA

April 5, 2017

Sweet Magnolias Café & Bakery has the best of everything. Located right in Gainesville, we are a family owned and operated café that offers homemade goodies daily. Our menu includes fresh fruit juice, protein shakes, gourmet sandwiches, and kid-friendly options. The chicken salad here is award winning, and we even offer catering services for your event. […]

Sweet Magnolias Café & Bakery
118 Main Street SW
Gainesville, GA 30501
(678) 862-0254